Can I Email Subs Who Clicked the Last Campaign?

Can I Email Subs Who Clicked the Last Campaign?

Can I Email Subs Who Clicked the Last Campaign?

Yes, create a custom segment


You can create a custom audience segment for a campaign. In this case, create a custom segment of people who clicked a link in the last campaign. Segmenting an audience is a breeze if you have a tinyEmail paid plan or Shopify Pro plan.

Creating a segment

First, create a custom segment. You'll create a list of people who clicked a link in the last campaign.

  1. On the tinyEmail dashboard, click Audience.
  2. Click the Add new button.
  3. Select Add segment.
  4. In the popup, give the new segment a unique name. 
  5. Click Continue.

Selecting conditions

Select conditions to filter your audience. 

  1. Select Campaign in.
  2. Click the field and select a campaign name. Select the last campaign (or a different one).
  3. Go to the next row and select ActivityClickedAt least Once.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Optionally, click Preview to see the email addresses that meet your criteria.

tinyEmail select filters to create a condition and sort the audience

You can create segments with other variables like Not Clicked, Opened, or Not Opened.

tinyEmail select a variable

Go to the Audience page and click the Custom segments link. Your new segment is on the list.

tinyEmail click the Custom segments tab

Sending a campaign

If you know how to send or schedule a campaign, the rest of the workflow is simple.  When you select an audience, click the Segments tab and choose this custom segment. 

send or schedule a campaign to the custom segment

Hope that helps!

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