Customize the general settings of your email template.

Customize the general settings of your email template.

Customize the general settings of your email template.

Say hello to the world's most powerful and intuitive email editor. Here's how to create stunning emails on tinyEmail

Do not throw away the manual! We at tinyEmail are a big believer in eliminating repeat work so we can have more time for creativity. The General Settings of any tinyEmail template are at the same time enormously useful and ridiculously simple to set up. What it does, is give your overall email message a consistent look without you having to style every single element and content section individually. Now are talking!  

Let's start with creating a new template. Follow the How to create a new email template. Once you have created a template, we can go over the rest of this guide. 

Some quick items:

Pick the Drag & Drop Editor option when you start a new template. And give your template an easy to recognize name.

1. General settings — where you set up a perfect canvas

The general settings section under the appearance tab is what we call a major lifesaver. This is where you can set up the general appearance of your message and has a number of hidden gems that can save you a lot time and simplify the creative process. Let's take a look. 

Here you can set the global settings for your message fonts, colours for you different message elements, buttons, width and background of your email and paddings. By default, every email message designed in tinyEmail is responsive. You may however (not recommended) choose to disable this feature if you do not want columns to stack themselves on mobile devices.

A word about fonts:

Note that you can choose from over 100 Google Fonts in your emails. 

It is important to note, however, that not all email clients can render these fonts. If an email client doesn't support a non-standard font, a similar standard font will be used instead. It is generally safer to use one of the standard web-safe fonts.