How to set up a new sender identity

How to set up a new sender identity

How to set up a new sender identity 👥

Send your messages from personas your audience will recognize.

What is a sender identity?

A sender identity is the "who" in your subscribers' inboxes — it is the person, team or business persona that your messages go out from. Common identities are people, such as, roles like, teams such as or generic identities like

💡 Quick Tip! Sender Identities can be used to strike a great brand connection with your subscribers. Pay attention to what your audience likes or expects from you and send from an identity that is most likely to resonate with them. 

Setting up a sender identity on tinyEmail

Your default sender identity is the email address and name you signed up on tinyEmail with. You can verify what it is by going to the My Account page and clicking the Sender Details tab.  

tinyEmail change sender email

Click the Sender Details tab. 

Editing your default sender identity

You can edit the details of your default Sender Identity by clicking on the three dots beside the entry and selecting Edit. Note that any change made to the actual email address will need to be verified by clicking on a confirmation email we send you.