How to Set Up Your Brand Kit

How to Set Up Your Brand Kit

How to Set Up Your Brand Kit

Tailor your tinyEmail experience to your brand identity

Time for some magic! Use the tinyEmail Brand Kit to create a consistent look and feel in your campaign messages. 

Reviewing your Brand Kit

  1. Log in to your tinyEmail account.
  2. Click your profile icon in the bottom left corner of the dashboard. 
  3. Click the Brand kit tab to review and update settings. 

You can customize the logo, colors, and fonts.

open tinyEmail brand kit page

Adding social media and website links

Scroll down to the Links & social section.Set up your social media links and the most important website links. Click the plus (+) icon to insert a blank field and add connections. To insert social media sites, click the arrow and select an option on the drop-down. 

tinyEmail automatically adds these sites to your message templates.

configure tinyEmail brand kit social media links

Reviewing your branded templates

Finally, head over to the template library. 

  1. Click Templates on the side menu. 
  2. Click the template field and select Branded to view your branded templates. 

tinyEmail tailors these message templates to your Brand Kit. Hover the mouse on a template and click the Preview link to see how your emails will look based on your Brand Kit settings.